What a challenging second half of 2021 you had, Eve. Thanks for sharing your story, and the wider story of the impact of Ida and Laura on Louisiana to help us understand what it’s like to be on one of the front rows of climate change. In a situation like yours I can imagine it’s not just finding time that gets in the way of making sustainable choices – so much of your mental and emotional headspace must be taken up by crisis response that there’s little energy left for navigating the complex world of sustainability!

As you very humbly recognise, so many others will also be dealing with circumstances that take up their time and mental and emotional reserves, leaving precious little bandwidth for sustainable changes. A good reminder for those of us currently in more stable situations (i.e. me) to stop procrastinating (I’ve been “researching” renewable heating sources for months but giving up every time when I can’t find an easy answer…).


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